Stretch Marks on Breasts

Stretch Marks on Breasts

Stretch Marks On Back - Stretch Marks on Breasts

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Pregnancy or child birth is one of the most prominent boons given to a female by God. But one can also not deny the fact that there are a lot of undesirable changes that might occur in the body due to pregnancy. A woman always wants to look arresting and these stretch marks therefore are a big headache for those who get it. It is a general idea that these marks occur only on stomach because it is the stomach that inflates and deflates in a short period of time. But one can also get stretch marks on breasts as during pregnancy increases the size of the breasts as well.

What I said. It shouldn't be the actual final outcome that the real about Stretch Marks On Back . You read this article for information about that want to know is Stretch Marks On Back .

Stretch Marks On Back

Before arresting any supplementary let's see why we get these marks. When a body grows the skin has to stretch so as to keep the muscles and other parts intact. And when the body reduces its size the skin cannot deflate fast and this results in leftover marks as consolation prize. The stretching of the skin occurs at all stages of growth. But when we are young, our body has the capacity to furnish a large estimate of collagen which keeps the elasticity of the skin intact and prevents the skin from breaking. As we grow up this secretion of collagen in our body decreases. Since there are no drastic changes happening in our body in terms of increase we don't need much of elasticity. There are times, like during puberty when we are growing; the decreased collagen secretion causes the marks on hips or other parts of body.

The qoute of stretch marks is most coarse in cases of pregnancy though. The rate of increase is so high during pregnancy that the elasticity of the skin is not able to carry on the stretch and it breaks. When advent back to its shape, incomplete breakage of the skin leaves marks that are illustrated on the body. Stretch marks are defined as fine lines that may occur on either the tummy or the breasts. In both the cases they are not desirable in the body. Dream when you want to show off your gorgeous body and that million dollar cleavage has those ugly marks. What can be worse than this? The stretch marks are red, pink or white in colour and whatever may be the colour they are unfavorable.

There are ways to protect you from these stretch marks on breasts though. At the time your body is growing, it would be a better idea to keep the area most markedly moisturized. Moisturizing with oil rich in Vitamin E or exfoliating the parts would be a good idea. These methods will make the skin to stretch evenly and thus forestall the skin to design stretch marks.

If you have advanced these stretch marks on breasts despite the efforts to forestall them then also you don't need to worry. Apply a scar medicine cream that contains onion extract in it. It might take time for the scars to fade away but they will fade eventually. Products like butter, cocoa cream etc. Are abundantly ready in the market.

A breast feeding mother should consult her physician though before beginning to use anything.

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