6 excellent Home Remedies for Stretch Marks That assuredly Work

6 excellent Home Remedies for Stretch Marks That assuredly Work

Stretch Marks Removal - 6 excellent Home Remedies for Stretch Marks That assuredly Work

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Stretch marks are linear scars that occur on the body when the skin is stretched past its flexibility capacities. This usually happens due to sudden weight gain caused by pregnancy, a burst of growth during puberty or bulking up for body building. The hormonal surges that can accompany pregnancy and puberty also conduce to the development of these scars. The stretch marks are red or purple in color when they are new but fade to white or silver as they age.

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Stretch Marks Removal

It is recommended to treat the scars when they first appear as they are harder to get rid of when they are older. It is best to try to preclude them in the first place and there are a lot of home remedies for stretch marks that can help both in preventing the scars and treating them once they have appeared.

1. Dieting: One of the most straightforward of the home remedies for stretch marks involves eating a wholesome and nutritional diet as well as keeping the body well hydrated. A wholesome body has healthier skin that can resist stretch mark scarring and also mend damage more efficiently. Good foods for wholesome skin include products made from whole grains, fresh fruit and vegetables as well as cold water fish.

2. Vitamin & Mineral Supplements: The skin needs many vitamins, minerals and nutrients to stay healthy, flexible and supple. These include vitamins A, E, C and K as well as the mineral zinc. Taking a vitamin, mineral and nutrient supplement every day will ensure the body has these requisite ingredients and is best equipped to defend and heal itself.

3. Exercising Daily: A quarterly habit of rehearsal that emphasizes stretching can help to break down scar tissue as well as growth circulation and blood flow for improved nutrient delivery to the skin.

4. Exfoliation Techniques: Exfoliation removes a thin layer of exterior skin to help take off scar tissue as well as dead skin cells. It is finished by using a cleanser that has exfoliating ingredients like tea tree oil or alpha hydroxy acid or is mildly polisher like oatmeal or baking soda. The applicator that is used apply the cleanser should also be mildly polisher such as a loofah, coarse leech or soft bristled brush.

5. Massage Therapy Treatments: Massage is one of the home remedies for stretch marks that has been used for many years with good success by numerous people. Massage improves circulation and blood flow in the body so that more nutrients are delivered to the skin and the pressure complex in the technique helps to break down scar tissue.

6. Creams for Stretch Marks: There are a lot of natural and holistic creams and lotions that can be used to preclude stretch marks from happening, sell out the visibility of existing scars or even take off them all together. Cocoa butter has long been used as a folk remedy for stretch marks but the list of holistic products that work on the scars is a long one. Some of the more productive include shea butter, aloe vera, emu oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, mink oil, castor oil, almond oil and liquid vitamin E. Each of these natural home remedies for stretch marks works in slightly distinct ways so it is inherent to mix them together in order to get even best results.

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